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MerCruiser D-Tronics are the most advanced diesel sterndrives ever built. (2) Gear ratios, size and weight available upon request. management system. 470. -. 405. 405. 414. 451. 451. 451. 451. 474. 474. 474. NEW. Propshaft HPkW1. Buy NEW 90A FUSE ASSEMBLY FITS GM 454 470 488 496 502 525 575. MERCRUISER 8 CYL 5.0L 5.7L 6.2L 7.4L 8.2L. Assembled Product Weight. The inline-four engine or straight-four engine is a type of inline internal combustion. gasoline engine (designated as the 470) for their Mercruiser Inboardoutboard line. The light weight of the inline four also allows for ease of removal and. frictional losses at a comparable engine speed due to having fewer pistons, The total weight difference from 470 to all iron SBC is only a few hundred. if you dont have the 4 heat exchanger then its a lost cause anyway.

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Non-Repair. 2, Glastrom SSV 172 120hp Mercruiser weight ?. 5, What is the weight of a 140 Mercruiser Engine?? I have a 2000 Mercury carbureted HP500 with an M3 ProCharger in my boat. Last winter, after 470 hours of operation, I had the engine rebuilt. 45PSI of oil pressure with straight grade 50 weight oil makes me nervous too. AEM (Advanced Engine Management Inc.) has a nice set up that works well, and. Were using a 3.0 140 HP Mercruiser engine in a project and need to know the fully dressed engine weight (minus drive), anyone ?. What you need is a Mercruiser 470. Lighter and make 175HP. Last edited by GT Jets. I think Id save around half of that weight if I go for 470s, but would. the second one fails resulting in oil contamination and total coolant loss. Its extreme height, measured from the bottom workmen attacked the high-level footway. Even in this era when technology has taken the dominant position in the war.

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I have a Mercruiser 470 and would like to know more about it. Try and find an aluminum manifold and riser to save a 100lbs of weight. The MerCruiser 6.2L 300350 ECT has been purpose-built to fulfill the needs of. for sterndrive and inboard applications (remember the MerCruiser 470?). the 6.2L boasts great intake noise reduction and better efficiency.

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I have a mercruiser 470 circa 1980 which is still in the. Because of their light weight and robust nature, they found they way into smaller single engines. I need to replace the twin 180 hp.4cyl. mercruiser motors (non rebuildable) the. a 260 hp. mercruiser for trophy pro and sailfish models which are similar in weight, I had the 470s on my 25 Kingfish (in 83 a Kingfish was a Sailfish with an IO). On the dog house the only obvious mod was I lost the rod holder rack that is. The best way to achieve that goal is to use light weight vehicles. In the case of the 470 Mercruiser If I ever run one in a Boat I will use an. MerCruiser D-Tronics are the most advanced diesel sterndrives ever built. (2) Gear ratios, size and weight available upon request. management system. 470. -. 405. 405. 414. 451. 451. 451. 451. 474. 474. 474. NEW. Propshaft HPkW1. The angiogenic inhibitor TNP-470 attenuates high fat diet induced obesity however, it is not clear how the compound alters energy balance to.