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She changed her diet and went under the knife. Multiple surgical procedures helped change her life. Mayra Rosales says she still has more. The 1,000-pound woman, who was once named the half-ton killer, after. Texan Mayra Rosales, 34, explained that she had given up on life.

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Branded a half-ton killer after she was charged and eventually cleared in. Mayra Rosales weighed nearly 1,000 pounds in 2008 when she. Woman known as Half Ton Killer shares weight loss journey. KTRK in Texas, Mayra Rosales was charged with capital murder in 2008 in the. 34-year-old Mayra Rosales was dubbed the Half Ton Killer. Rosales 2-year-old nephew died after her sister hit him with a hair brush in 2008. Workers, on average, lost less than two pounds. Minute (N) Minute (N) Shoeless Molly Surprise Mikes 13 26 26 reach common goals. Same as other kinds of Rapid Weight Loss Capsules, the Natural Max Slimming Capsules will be suitable to take in the morning, because the main function of the capsules is to relax the intestines and get rid myra half ton killer weight loss the toxin and fat cells inside the body and also speed up the metabolism. There is a chapter on ketone-production troubleshooting (why you may not be producing enough) as well as one on frequently asked questions that addresses confusion and concerns. You have to play better.

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Mayra Rosales of Hidalgo County, Texas, was also accused of. Today, she weighs 200 pounds, a far cry from her once half-ton weight. In 2008, the 1000-pound Mayra Rosales made headlines when she confessed to accidentally killing her nephew by smothering him. Now. Mayra Rosales, Self Half-Ton Killer?. Herself. - The Half-Ton Killer and the Crime That Rocked Headlines (2015). Herself. 2012 Half-Ton Killer? (TV Movie.

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Mayra Rosales first rose to fame in 2008, when she falsely confessed to killing her two-year-old nephew by rolling on him with her 1000-pound.

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